IMC E13 Show Codon Usage of Search Result

Last Modified:2018-05-29 (火) 20:30:39


  • The codon usage table of the feature which was chosen is activated from the Search result window
  • The codon usage table can be output as the CSV format file.

Search functions that implement this function

  • Feature Key Search
  • Classification Search


  • This operates from the Search result window in computer graphics which is displayed after Search execution.
  1. Check in Feature which wants to display a triplet frequency table ( It is possible to specify more than one ).
  2. Click " Codon Usage ".
    • The Codon Usage window which totaled chosen Feature is displayed.
    • IMC5267_D814_0009.jpg
  3. Click " CSV " of the Codon Usage window in computer graphics.
    • A file-selection DIALOG is displayed.
  4. Specifying an output-file, click OK.
    • Codon Usage is saved as the CSV format file.

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